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A Group Headed by Shangrao Municipal Party Secretary Ma Chengzu Visit NAIPU for Investigation and Survey

Number of visits: Date:2017年6月23日 15:41

    On the morning of June 20, a group consisting of Shangrao Municipal Party Secretary Ma Chengzu and Zhang Aiping - secretary of Party Work and Management Committee of Shangrao Economic Development Zone, made a visit to our Company for investigation and survey.  Naipu board chairman Zheng Hao and consultant to the chairman Jie Zhenghua accompanied the group.

    During the process of visit, NAIPU chairman Zheng Hao gave a brief introduction to the group regarding products R&D and production, marketing development and status of NAIPU’s IPO. Secretary Ma and his team visited the products show yard and the vulcanization Workshop.

    Secretary Ma positively recognized our vision of development and our achievements, and thought highly of new materials independently researched and developed by Naipu. Secretary Ma says that innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise, and that Naipu should base its development on innovation, adhere to market demands as a guide, increase innovative efforts, reinforce enterprise management, strengthen marketing, constantly enhance self development capacity of an enterprise, and also make every bit of effort to make more contribution for the target of “Determine the victory of overall well-off, make a beautiful Shangrao”.




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