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Second Term of Mountaineering Competition

Number of visits: Date:2017年5月18日 15:04

     In order to improve an overall physical fitness of the staff, and initiate fitness activities for all the staff, a second term of Mountaineering Competition was held by the Labor Union of the Company, themed with “Creating world-level brand, Scaling new heights”, by climbing Gexian Mountain in Yanshan County on the morning of May 14, 2017, participated by more than 30 staffers from the Company.

   The start point was set at the foot of Gexian Mountain and the terminal point at the Ticket Office of the scenic spot. It was a long trip, with steep rock steps all the way along it, presenting a challenge to everyone’s physical power and will power. Difficult as it was, every participant was still full of enthusiasm and was not set back. They were in high spirit and felt free during the climbing process, trying to overtake those ahead and wanted to win the first place. Younger ones dashed forward and the senior or the weaker wouldn’t give up, keeping moving uphill determinedly, making stops now and then, although feeling strenuous but unwilling to lag behind. They encouraged each other and helped each other to strive forward.

     With the mountain path getting steeper, the competition turned out to be harder. Those left behind extended a helping hand to support one and another. They were all soaking wet, but nobody fell behind, and all climbed toward the top of the mountain. With unremitting efforts made, to their great joy they reached the terminal point and were as happy as a lark. Finally Chen Xiaobin from Logistics Department, GM assistant Lu Jie and Xu Shuhua from Production Department won the first, the second and third places respectively.

      A mountain climbing activity not only enriches staff’s spare time life, allows them to experience the joy of exercise and to get fit, but also promotes their work enthusiasm and cohesion between one another, and it also reflects NAIPU people’sspirit of overcoming difficulties, go-ahead and a positive and optimistic life attitude. They all express that this Mountaineering Competition has let them experienced the vision of “Happy Work, Healthy Life”, and they will make concerted efforts to struggle for the future of NAIPU, with the spirit of never-give-up that they showed in this mountain climbing, and will make their proper contribution to the development of the Company.


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