Which Girl From The Coffee Shop books would you most like to see sequels to?
 The Cop And The Girl From The Coffee Shop
 The Assassin And The Girl From The Coffee Shop
 The Politician And The Girl From The Coffee Shop
 The Bounty Hunter And The Girl From The Coffee Shop
 The Firefighter And The Girl From The Coffee Shop

What's Your Favourite type of erotic "hero"
 The Seductive Stepbrother
 The Alpha Male Cop
 The Hottie Stepdad
 The Distinguished Teacher
 The Sexy Soldier
 The Suave Businessman/Politician
 The Fearless Firefighter
 The Secretive Double Agent/Hitman
 The Boy Next Door Best Friend
 The Agile Athlete/Sports Superstar

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Terry Towers


I had no idea the wickedness that lay beneath his angelic features and pleasurable touch.

I wanted one night out to be wild and crazy; to be like all the other young women my age. I'd been living such a sheltered life that when a new group of friends took me to a nightclub for some drinks and dancing - nothing overly rebellious, considering - I jumped at the chance.

And you can imagine my surprise when the sexiest man at the club, heck, the sexiest man I'd ever set eyes upon wanted to spend some alone time getting to know the plain Jane daughter of a pastor! I jumped at the chance. Most of the other young women regularly left with men they'd just met and nothing bad ever happened, so what were the chances it would turn out badly for me?

I had no idea...


I had no idea she'd challenge everything I believed about myself and make me feel.

My job is simple - train them and break their spirits without shattering their minds, which isn't the easiest task, I assure you. But I'm the best at what I do.

But now The Organization I previously worked for is gone and I'm a freelancer - of sorts. And I couldn't be happier. I used to have to abide by their rules, follow their protocol, but not anymore. The lives and minds of the women are mine to do with as I please.

Unfortunately for Emily Fennel, the daughter of a small-town pastor, she'd caught my attention. She was so pure and virtuous, she's the light in contrast to my darkness and she's going to be my greatest accomplishment.

People thought I was a monster before...

Release Date: Feb. 5, 2015

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Failure To Stop

Terry Towers

Since when did the procedure for giving someone a ticket for running a stop sign include a very hands-on pat-down against the hood of my car, not even giving me a chance to see his face? I swear, cop or not he's getting very close to getting Tasered; my hand was mere inches from the Taser in my open purse. But despite the high inappropriateness of his pat-down there was something very familiar about the way he was touching me - even the scent of his cologne triggered familiarity.

I never dreamed when the inappropriate, yet highly erotic frisking was over that I'd be standing face to face with my former high school sweetheart, town troublemaker and love of my life Devon Land. But there he was with a cocky smirk, looking sexier than I remembered and thoroughly enjoying my surprise.

One big mistake cost me the upscale life in New York I'd grown to love, forcing me to return home to Alabama. I swore I'd never move back to my small town, I'd outgrown it, but with a temptation like Devon intent on reminding me of the life I'd once left behind its becoming a challenge to leave a second time

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I won't lie, I kill people for a living, but I’m really not a bad guy. At least I don’t think so. I’m just taking out the trash; the fact I get paid to do it is a happy coincidence. Normally I’m a pretty unemotional guy. I fear nothing and no one and I get things done without regret or ever looking back.

But like Superman, I have my own kind of kryptonite and her name is Sidney Lopez.
She never remembers me when she looks at me, but we had a past together. She'd freak if she knew that I know everything about her. She dominates my thoughts, but I know I’m just one of millions of people who adore her and I won’t lie, I’m obsessed. So even if I wanted to, I won’t stop ... I can’t stop, until she’s mine.


People look at me, but they only see the product of the media and what they think they know is just an illusion. They don’t know the real me. They don’t know that my life is falling apart.

Just when I hit my scariest low, he steps into my life and he saves me.

Elijah's handsome with an edgy charm and he seems to understand me when no one else does. He's the hero I always dreamed about. But he’s also incredibly intense and I can’t shake the feeling there’s more to Elijah than he’s letting on.

What are the secrets he keeps so tightly guarded? I’m torn, do I give him my heart, or do I run in the other direction?

Release Date: Dec 9, 2014

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Terry Towers New Release

Forbidden  Indulgences

 What can be hotter than one smoking hot firefighter trying to win your heart? Two of them!

Before leaving for college Ivy Sullivan took a chance and opened her heart to her close friend and town heartthrob, Ethan Rogue. His rejection had been swift and devastating. He didn't need to tell her the reason for his rejection; she was the chubby girl, a fun girl to hang out with, but not girlfriend material.

One rejection - weight gone - now could she be the sexy woman she always dreamed of?

But Ethan's rejection gave Ivy the motivation to reinvent herself and she comes back to her hometown with one goal in mind - revenge. She's determined to show Ethan and his best friend Trey, both of whom were notorious for breaking the hearts of every woman they dated, what it feels like be treated as insignificant.

There's only one problem ... Ivy isn't the only one who has changed.

Now both firefighters, Ethan and Trey have changed. They're no longer the arrogant jocks they used to be, but sexy, caring men who are genuinely looking for a woman to share their lives with. And they have both set their sights on Ivy. While the old Ivy would have spent days agonizing over which hot guy she wanted this is no longer the case, because Ivy knows ....

She wants them both!

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Steamy Reading For A Cause (Winter Campaign)

Due to the success of the first campaign for the Canadian Cancer Society, Terry Towers and Soft & Hard Erotic Publishing is offering a second charity promotion.  

The Book: Taming A Wild Heart by Terry Towers

The Charity: The SPCA

The SPCA's share of the profits did not reach the 1K mark so I (Terry) paid out of pocket to bump the donation to $1000.00 and made the donation yesterday to the SPCA (Saint John division)  


Steamy Reading For A Cause!!!!

An Heir For The Billionaire, release date June 28th

From the day of release until the end of August, Terry Towers and Soft & Hard Erotic Publishing will be donating 30% of the proceeds from all Amazon sales of the book "An Heir For the Billionaire" to the Canadian Cancer Society!

We will be updating the donation amount every Sunday and the donation to the Cancer Society will be made when Amazon pays out at the end of September.

Total donation amount as of August 31st: $1002.63

The donation period has now ended and the donation will be made on Sept 30th. Terry will be rounding the donation up to $1100.00! Thank you everyone for your support of Terry's work and this very worthy cause.


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 Third Person Omniscient

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